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Objectives of Geo-Exploration



1. Geothermal Exploration and Development
This section oversees the development of geothermal energy resources in the country for both electricity generation and direct use. The Directorate, on behalf of the Ministry, is the custodian of geothermal resource licenses and oversights the development of geothermal resources in the country.
Activities under the Directorate includes back office processing of applications for licenses, review of reports, regular onsite compliance monitoring and verification of work commitments, maintaining the geothermal license register, compliance monitoring of safety and environmental requirements, develop a geo-portal to manage geothermal resource concessions.

2. Coal Exploration and Development
This section oversees the development of coal resources in the Country to meet energy needs including electricity generation. The Ministry divided the country into blocks called Coal Blocks for the purpose of exploration and development. In the Kutui coal occurrence in Mui Basin, four blocks were initially demarcated and named Coal Block A, Coal Block B, Coal Block C and Coal Block D. Later two other blocks were demarcated in Kitui (Coal Block 19 and 20) together with several others in the Kwale, Kilifi and Taita Taveta Counties. The Energy Act 2019 under the Fourth Schedule mandates the Cabinet Secretary to manage these ongoing upstream coal activities including exploration and extraction and the Cabinet Secretary responsible for mining shall issue permits and licenses for the activities under relevant laws.

3. Nuclear fuel resources exploration and development
This section oversights the development of nuclear power under the Nuclear Power Programme which includes establishment of Nuclear Power Plant, development of policies, regulations and strategies. This oversight role is executed through monitoring, supervision and evaluation of projects and activities undertaken by NuPEA.  In addition, it provides geological expertise in nuclear power plant siting, characterization, decommissioning and geological waste management.