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Geo-Exploration Functions



On the overall, functions under the Directorate comprise of policies, oversight, strategies, plans, projects, programmes, resource mobilization, development partner coordination, licensing and regulation relating to exploration and/or development of geothermal, nuclear and coal for energy.

Specifically, the Directorate undertakes:

  • Formulation of Policy, legal and regulatory framework for exploration and production of geo-energy resources;
  • Oversight plans, programs, and projects undertaken by public and private sector entities in geothermal, coal and nuclear energy;
  • Development of proposals and reviewing project geoscientific work and financial expenditure for geo-energy resources exploration and development;
  • Exercise oversight over geo-energy resources licensees and SAGAs under the Ministry for statutory compliance;
  • Preparing energy plans and implementation reports in respect of geothermal, coal and nuclear for incorporation into the Integrated National Energy Plan;
  • Management of upstream coal activities in ongoing projects as defined in the fourth schedule of Energy Act 2019;
  • Promotion and licensing of acreage for Geo-energy minerals;
  • Negotiating, processing and issuance of geothermal licences and Benefit Sharing Agreements for geo-energy resources exploration and development;
  • Custodian of geo-energy licenses and Benefit Sharing Agreements;
  • Management of information systems and databases for geothermal, coal and nuclear energy resources;
  • Developing and collating geo-scientific knowledge papers through research and thesis work;
  • Facilitation and coordination of Government-to-Government, donor partnerships activities and sourcing of funds for geo-energy resources development;
  • Coordinating and facilitating community and other stakeholder engagement, education and sensitization for geo-energy resources development;
  • Ensuring preparation of guidelines and standards for the geo-energy sector;
  • Coordinating the establishment of the African Geothermal Centre of Excellence and overseeing its operations; and
  • Coordinating the implementation of the National Geothermal Strategy;