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The Geo-Exploration Directorate exists to coordinate and focus efforts of all the Sector stakeholders to ensuring geo-energy resources are optimally developed and exploited for energy sufficiency.

The Directorate is headed by Secretary, Geo-exploration. It comprises of two divisions namely Geothermal & Geotechnical and Solid Energy Resources each headed by a Chief Geologist. The Geothermal & Geotechnical Division has two units, Geothermal Resources and Geotechnical while the Solid Energy Resources Division has two units (Coal Resources and Nuclear Energy).

Exploitation and development of geo-energy resources is governed by the Energy Act, 2019 which empowers the Cabinet Secretary to undertake licensing and management of geo-energy resources.

The Directorate undertakes oversight, supervisory compliance and monitoring of geo-energy project implementation by Agencies under the Ministry and geo-energy Independent Power Producers (IPPs).

Geo-energy resources development ensures energy security in the country due to their resilience from climatic variations as has been the case in the developed and industrialized countries