Street lighting is without doubt an energy using product that has been installed in cities for centuries. It contributes to human development by providing and improving human vision at night.
Previously, street lighting had been a mirage for many towns in Kenya. However, this changed and currently, a total of 35,521 lanterns have been installed so far at a cost of KShs. 5,177.5 million.
Other benefits of street lighting include;
1. Improved road and personal safety. There have been reduced crime rates and road accidents as a result of street lighting.
2. There is a reduction in electricity load at night because of the nature of the Kenyan economy. Street lighting is an effective way of balancing the surplus electricity at night instead of switching off units.
3. Achieving the vision 2030 dream is made possible by provision of this important service.
4. Business will thrive and standards of living improved for entrepreneurs who will take advantage of the light and continue with their businesses until late in the night.
5. Street lighting has a important aesthetic value. Streets that have been lit are very beautiful compared to dark alleys.