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Renewable Energy Functions

Renewable Energy


  • Development and review of policies, strategies and guidelines for renewable energy efficiency and conservation;
  • Promotion of renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation technologies;
  • Coordination of research in renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • Provision of an enabling framework for the efficient and sustainable production, distribution and marketing of Alternative Energy and Bioenergy Technologies;
  • Promotion of development of appropriate local capacity for the manufacture, installation, maintenance and operation of renewable technologies;
  • Establishment of linkages with international partners on programmes focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies;
  • Harness opportunities offered under climate change programmes and projects to promote the development and exploitation of renewable energy, and energy efficiency and conservation;
  • Monitor and evaluation renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation projects;
  • Collaborate with international, regional and local stakeholders in the harmonization of renewable energy policies and standards;
  • Promote off-grid and decentralized electrical systems and hybrids for electricity access;
  • Feed-in-tariff policy development, promotion and review;
  • Initiate the development of performance standards and labels for energy efficient equipment and appliance;
  • Promotion of Private Sector participation in the development of renewable energy initiatives;
  • Administration of the Kenya Energy Sector Environment and Social Responsibility Program (KEEP) Fund.