Frequently Asked Questions

A1. Formulation, articulation and implementation and oversight of the energy policy.

A1b. We issue exploration licenses for petroleum and Geothermal Energy

Nyayo house Nairobi on the 22nd and 23rd floor
By making an application to the office of the PS Energy or PS Petroleum
Nuclear energy is the energy released from radioactive materials
Coal is found in Kitui and Mwingi counties and in Kilifi and Kwale counties
Yes we do. In the Southern parts of Kenya’s coastal region and part of Homabay
Geothermal energy is the heat that flows from the earth’s interior, it produces steam which is used to generate electricity.

Yes, it is abundant mainly within the Kenyan Rift Valley.

Petroleum in Kenya is found within the four sedimentary basins namely;

  • Anza basin
  • Lamu basin
  • Mandera Basin
  • Tertiary Rift basin
About 750million barrels have been confirmed to exist within the Lokichar basin in the tertiary rift, North Western Kenya.
Yes, from the few wells that we have drilled, we have found viable deposits of natural gas
Some amount of revenue that will be earned from these resources will be shared with the county governments and local communities.

  • Employment and business opportunities will arise
ERC is mandated with the responsibility of issuing generation licenses. For more information, visit
As per the schedules on taxes from the treasury, imports of renewable energy generation equipment are tax-exempt
The last mile connectivity project is implemented in Phases. Your household may be outside of the phases that are under consideration.
Yes. You will enter into an agreement with Kenya Power where you will be connected but the loan will be recovered through your electricity payment.
You should write a letter of request for the same to the Principal Secretary for consideration.
A request to the county government or national government for consideration can be made.
The agency dealing with this is KPLC. For more information, visit