This is one of the four technical directorates in the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and is responsible for Geothermal, Coal and Nuclear Energy activities under the Ministry.

Vision and Mission: The Directorate’s Mission Statement is guided by the Ministry’s Mission.

This Directorate is headed by a Chief Geologist who reports to the Principal Secretary, State Department of Energy. The current Head is John M. Omenge.

The Geo-Exploration Directorate is subdivided into two departments namely; Geothermal & Geotechnical Services and Solid Energy Resources each headed at the levels of Principal Superintending Geologist who report to Chief Geologist. The Departments are also subdivided into two Divisions and are each headed by Chief Superintending Geologist.

Geothermal & Geotechnical Department is subdivided into Geothermal and Geotechnical and Drilling Services Divisions. Whereas,Solid Energy Resources Department is subdivided into Coal Resources and Nuclear Resources Divisions.

Geothermal & Geotechnical Services Department which handles activitiescentred on exploration and development of geothermal energy resources including prefeasibility studies and ranking of prospects, delineation of the prospects, promotion and license negotiation of geothermal blocks.

Solid Energy Resources Department focuses on matters of Coal and Nuclear energy resources exploration and development.

The Directorate discharges the following Functions:

  • Formulation of policy, fiscal, legal and regulatory framework for exploration and production of geo-energy resources.
  • Detailed Geological, Geophysical, Geochemical and GIS surveys which entail: Geological mapping and Geophysical and Geochemical dataacquisition, processing, analysis and interpretation of the integrated results in exploration for geo-energy resources.
  • Exploratory drilling operations in prospective areas.
  • Evaluation and ranking of prospect.
  • Promotion and licensing of acreage.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of development and production of geo-energy resources.
  • Negotiation and licensing forGeothermal and Coal exploration and production.
  • Development of Nuclear energy resources policy.



The Ministry through the Department will support the Development of Lamu 1,050MW and Kitui (Mui) 960MW Coal Fired Power Plants.The department will also conduct exploration activities in Mwingi, Kwale and Kilifi counties.

Thework will entail the following:

  • Update the Project Implementation Roadmaps
  • Implement the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for the 1,050 MW Lamu Coal Plant
  • Facilitate the work of Steering, Technical and Community Committees
  • Conduct Geo-technical studies for Kitui (Mui) Power Plant
  • Give support by collaboration with other agencies for permits, licenses and other approvals for the power plants’ developers from the National Government, Governmental authorities and the Kitui and Lamu County Governments
  • Carry out semi-feasibility Coal and Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Studies in the Karoo System which is a geological belt spanning through Kwale, Kilifi, TaitaTaveta and KituiCountiesfor the purpose of establishing the possible occurrence of commercial Coal and CBM deposits.
  • Develop a Strategy to guide coal exploration and development in Kenya.
  • Develop a Strategy for fast tracking nuclear resources exploration and development in Kenya and conduct preliminary studies to identify areas with potential nuclear resources in the country.



Geothermal Energy in Kenya has a potential of up 10,000 Mw, over twenty (20) prospects locations lie within the Kenya tertiary rift system as shown in the map below. The above mentioned department in the ministry is involved in geothermal exploration and development activities as follows:

  • Develop a Strategy for fast tracking geothermal exploration and development in Kenya.
  • Geothermal Exploration in the Country which includes, Geological, Geophysical and Geochemical surveys to establish and rank geothermal prospects.
  • Monitor, Supervise, Support and Report on Geothermal Development in Kenyaby Independent Power Producers(IPPs) and government energy agencies.
  • Negotiation and issuance for geothermal exploration and production licence.
  • The current geothermal resources in Kenya are as shown in the map below.

Geothermal Sites Location Map of Kenya