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Service Charter

State Department for Energy

Citizen Service Delivery Charter

S/No. Service/Good Requirement to Obtain Service/ Good Cost of Service/Good (if any) Timeline
1 Attend to visitor(s) Courtesy /Disclosure of service sought Nil Within 5 minutes of arrival, on first come first served basis
2 Complaints handling File complaint(s) following laid down procedures Nil Response to be given within 7 days
3 Response to mail(s) Accurate information , patience and courtesy Nil 1)    7 working days to reply to an ordinary letter 2)    30 days for enquiries of technical nature
4 Access to information 1)    Provide information on the information sought, purpose 2)    Provide name and contact for feedback 3)    Clearly state what is required 4)    Make request in writing NIL Immediately  to 5 working days depending on information sought
5 Pre-qualification of suppliers Submit tender document Nil 45 days
6 Issuance of quotation/tender Pre-qualification Not more than Ksh.5,000 15 minutes
7 Review of Geothermal license  or permit application Submit License or permit application as required by the Energy Act, 2019 Free or as may be specified by the Regulation Within 14 working day
8 Request for electricity connection ·       Written requests ·       Requisite site information Free Request forwarded to KPLC or REREC as appropriate within  7 working days and requestor notified
9 Review proposals for development of power projects ·       Written request for review by KPLC ·       Draft PPA Document Free Request forwarded to KPLC within 21 working days
8 Promotion and Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies ·       Adhere to set guidelines ·       Submission of proposal   Nil 1-4 weeks
9 Tax exemption recommendation ·       Receive application from client ·       Evaluate the request ·       Write a recommendation letter to Commissioner of VAT Nil 1 week