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Geothermal Exploration



1.    Geothermal Exploration and Development in Rift Valley
This programme aims to increase electricity production from indigenous geothermal resources. Activities carried out under this project include:

  • Processing of applications for geothermal resource licenses, review of reports, regular onsite compliance monitoring and verification of work commitments by geothermal resource developers;
  • Maintaining the Geothermal Resource License register, oversight geotechnical compliance monitoring to ensure adherence to safety and environmental requirements,
  • Host the Geo-portal to manage geo-energy resource concessions.

In addition, the programme entails formulating a national geothermal strategy to guide geothermal resources development in Kenya, preparing and updating geothermal resource maps and establishment and operationalization of the African Union led Africa Geothermal Centre of Excellence (AGCE) for regional capacity building on geothermal resource development.

2.    Coal exploration and Development in Coast
This Programme implements concessioning and development of Mui Coal Basin Coal Blocks A, B, C & D in Kitui County including, carrying out public participation and sensitization.

Other activities include exploration of coal and coal bed methane in Karoo rock systems in Kenya delineated Coal Blocks through semi-feasibility studies in Kitui, Kwale, Kilifi and Taita Taveta Counties. This also entails development of a national coal master plan and a framework for strategic coal stocks

Additionally, diamond core drilling in Kwale County has been initiated as part of coal feasibility study.

3.    Nuclear Fuel Resources Exploration and Development

The programme entails carrying out preliminary exploration to grade, quantify and delineate indigenous nuclear fuel resources, oversight the development and establishment of nuclear power plants in Kenya. This is executed through monitoring, supervision and evaluation of the projects and activities undertaken by the Nuclear Power and Energy Agency (NuPEA).  This is in addition to providing geological expertise in nuclear power plant siting and site characterization, decommissioning and geological waste management.

The Programme also oversights the development and review of nuclear strategy, policy and legal framework.