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Principal Secretary for the State Department for Energy Mr. Alex Wachira lauded the remarkable display of integrity and civic responsibility of a scrap metal dealer in Nakuru. The individual Mr.William Ojwang, a member of the United Metal dealers of Nakuru, reported suspicious individuals who were attempting to sell vandalized scrap metal to him.

The incident occurred earlier this month when Mr. Ojwang’, owner of a bustling scrap yard in Nakuru was being sold to copper wires by individuals claiming to be scrap metals sellers.

Understanding the gravity of the matter, Mr. Ojwang’ thereafter contacted authorities about the suspicious consignment. He shared with the police the crucial information that led to the swift apprehension of the individuals and the recovery of the stolen goods.

The PS commended the dealer for his bravery and outstanding integrity noting that the timely action by Mr. Ojwang’ not only prevented further criminal activities but also averted potential risks to the lives of countless citizens.

Increased cases of vandalism of electrical installation continue to expose the citizenry to the potential risks to public safety associated with the theft of electrical transformers. Theft of electrical transformers poses severe risks to both lives and property in the form of power outages, electrocution hazards and disruption of power flows to critical services such as healthcare and emergency response systems.

Upon learning of the courageous act by Mr. Ojwang’, PS Wachira invited members of United Metal Dealers in Nakuru to his office to express his gratitude. During their meeting, the Principal Secretary emphasized the significance of Mr. Ojwang’s decision to report the theft, highlighting the inherent dangers associated with the illicit trade of stolen electrical equipment. “Mr. Ojwang’s actions exemplify the qualities we should all aspire to possess,” stated Mr. Wachira.

“By promptly reporting the theft of vandalized goods, Mr. Ojwang’ has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our community’ the PS added. He further emphasized that the responsibility of safeguarding the community rests on not only law 0000000enforcement agencies but also on diligent individuals like Mr. Ojwang.  “His actions are a powerful reminder to each one of us that we all have a role to play in maintaining a secure and thriving environment.” PS Wachira emphasized.

The occasion was also witnessed by the National Chairperson for Scrap Dealers in Kenya Mr. Francis Mugo who supported the PS’s sentiments. Mr. Mugo’ noted that through the collective efforts of responsible citizens, all can participate in ensuring the safety and prosperity of the country.

The action by Mr. Ojwang’ is a stark reminder that by working together and prioritizing the safety of our community, we can create an environment for all citizens to thrive.

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State Department for Energy/Nairobi/14July2023           Diana Rotich & Valerie Eskut