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Suswa-Loiyangalani Transmission Line to proceed inspite of court case

7th August 2018 Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter on Tuesday said the government will proceed with the construction of the [...]

President commissions Nairobi City Centre Substation

30 May 2018 President Uhuru Kenyatta has this afternoon commissioned a new Nairobi City Centre 220/66kV Gas Insulated station (GIS) substation to [...]

  • The Cabinet Secretary for Energy Hon. Charles Keter flanked by the Cabinet Secretary for Water &Sanitation and the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution & ASAL when they issued a press conference on the impending overflow in Masinga dam

Update on Water Levels in KenGen Dams

15th May 2018 Kenya continues to experience heavy rainfall in various parts of the country, including the catchment area of [...]

Ministry of Energy has Established Mechanisms for the Uptake of the Government’s Development Agenda

Prof. Collette Suda (Right) listens to the Secretary of Geo-Exploration Mr. John Omenge (left) as he explained the plans by [...]