Library Division

The library division falls under the General Administration Department and it serves as a focal point for information reference for the entire Ministry.

Vision Statement: To be a specialized centre of knowledge dissemination
Key Objective: To support the Ministry to achieve its objectives by collecting, organizing and providing relevant information.
The current head of the Library is Maria Omwandho who reports to Director of Administration.
Library Collection: The library collection includes Books, Journals, Government publications, Periodicals, Daily and Weekly Newspapers.
Eligibility: The library is open to all Ministry staff. However, under special circumstances, and with written approval from the Principal Secretary, researchers from outside are allowed access.
Rules and Regulations
• Silence should be observed at all times
• Food and drinks should not be brought into the library
• Officers and interns attached to the Ministry can use the library but are not allowed to borrow any material
• Only three items can be borrowed at a time
• Book(s) will be borrowed for two weeks only and failure to return them within the stipulated time will invite a surcharge
• A user wishing to renew a book can do so by visiting, calling or sending an email to
• Magazines and newspapers will be borrowed for a day. The day’s newspapers should not leave the library
• Reference materials including dictionaries and the Laws of Kenya should not leave the library unless under special arrangements
• Any item leaving the library must be signed for
• Officers on transfer, posting and retirement must return all the library materials before departure.
E- Resources available through KLISC
The Ministry of Energy staff have access to the following E-journal links
• American Chemical Society
• Acoustical Society of America
• American Physical Society
• Annual Reviews
• British Institute of Radiology
• Cochrane Library
• EBSCO Host Research Databases
• Geological Society
• Edinburgh University Press
• Emerald Publishing Group Limited
• International Monetary Fund (IMF)
• Mary Ann Liebert
• Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
• Oxford University Press
• University of Chicago Press
• World Bank
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