Accounts Department

The Accounts is one of those departments within the Administration and Support Services Directorate which is charged with the responsibility of ensuring prudent cash management, preparation of regular expenditure trend reports as well as providing interpretation for financial legislation and procedures in the Ministry.

Vision Statement: To attain excellence in the provision of quality accounting and advisory services in the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum.

Mission Statement: To provide accounting services through supervision, control and co-ordination of the accounting functions in the Ministry.
The department is headed by Principal Accountant who reports to the Principal Secretary. The incumbent is Mrs Phoebe Ndonye

The Accounts department has five (5) divisions that help is deliver on its mandate as follows:
Vote Book Division – which is is charged with voucher preparation and data capture. It is headed by Accountant II

Imprest Section – that prepares, pays and controls imprest. It is headed by Accountant I

External Resource Section – which accounts for donor-funded projects and maintenance of records related to the projects in the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum. It is headed by headed by Accountant II.

Cash office – that handles cash and its flow in the Ministry and it is headed by Chief Accountant
Reconciliation Sector – This reconciles all accounts records in the Ministry. It is headed by Accountant II
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