Public Communication Department

Public Communication Department (PCD) of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum provides professional, administrative and operational support on matters of public communication in the Ministry. It is headed by Deputy Director of Public Communication (DDPC), who reports to the Principal Secretary and is responsible for managing strategic communications at the Ministry. The current head is Mrs. Eunice Muthamia.

Vision Statement
Sustained positive image for the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum

Mission Statement
To create and promote better understanding and goodwill between the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and its publics (stakeholders)

Public Communication Department objectives are:
1. Implementation of public communication policy within the Ministry;
2. Development of efficient (internal & external) communication structures and channels to ensure free flow of information and proper feedback mechanisms;
3. Propagation and promotion of Ministry’s policies, programmes and projects;
4. Enhanced partnership with media; and,
5. Enhanced transparency between the Ministry and its stakeholders through information sharing and engagement.
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