This is one of the four technical directorates in the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and it is responsible for Geothermal, Coal and Nuclear Energy activities under the Ministry.

Vision and Mission: The Directorate’s Mission Statement is guided by the Ministry’s Mission

This Directorate is headed by Chief Geologist who reports to the Principal Secretary. The current Head is John Omenge, Chief Goelogist.

The Geo-Exploration Directorate is subdivided into three departments headed at the level of Senior Principal Superintending Engineer.:

The Directorate discharges the following Functions:
• Formulation of policy, fiscal, legal and regulatory framework for exploration and production of geo-energy resources
• Detailed geological, geophysical and geochemical mapping, acquisition, analysis and interpretation in exploration for geo-energy minerals
• Exploratory drilling operations in prospective areas
• Evaluation of prospects
• Promotion and licensing of acreage
• Monitoring and evaluation of development and production of energy mineral resources
• Negotiation and licensing for oil, geo-thermal, and coal exploration and production

Geo-Exploration Directorate has two departments and each is headed by Principal Superintending Geologist who report to the Chief Geologist. They are:

Geothermal Development Department which handles activities centered on exploration and development of geothermal energy resources including preliminary exploration and ranking of prospects, delineation, promotion and license negotiation of geothermal blocks. It is headed by

Coal and Solid Minerals Department which focuses on matters of coal resource and nuclear energy development. It is headed by Superintending Geologist.
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