Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Hon. Charles Keter has urged both local and international entreprenuers to support Kenya’s program towards universal access to electricity by investing in the country’s fast growing energy sector.

“We want to produce 5000MW and ensure universal acces to clean energy services by 2020. Private sector players should come on board to support this endeavor,” said Mr.Keter while he officially opened the 3rd International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference in Nairobi today.

The Cabinet Secretary said energy was key to development and therefore its adequate was a prerequisite to socio-economic development.

He said: “There has been exponential growth in Kenya since 2013, when connectivity was only 29 percent. In three years, we have more than doubled our connected customers from 2.2million to the current 5.05million. We have essentially achieved in 3years what we hard not achieved in 90 years”, said the CS.

Mr. Keter hinted that close to 1,800 institutions had been supplied with solar PV systems with a combined installed capacity of 2.4 MW at a total cost of Ksh. 3 billion. By the end of June next year, a further installations will take place in 100 more institutions, he added.

On connectivity to schools, Mr.Keter said a total of 23,044 had been supplied with electricity in readiness for the take off of the Digital Literacy Program. Among the schools connected, 4000 of them were done with solar.

Speaking during the function, the Director General of International Renewable Energy Agency(IRENA) Mr. Adnan Amin praised Kenya’s progress towards attainaing affordable and clean energy for all its citizen.

“Access to electricity is a central building block for socio-economic development. It empowers communities to increase income and productivity, pain access to healthcare and education, enhance water and food security and improve general well-being,” said Mr. Amin.

The third International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference brought together 500 participants from across the world to deliberate on ways to boost electricity access through the development of off-grid renewable energy sources.
At the same time, CS Keter recently opened the Yocean Tranformer Factory located along Mombasa Rd in Nairobi. Yocean Tranformer is the first Transformer Factory to be established in Kenya.
Hon. Keter urged more entreprenuers to invest in the Energy and Petroleum Sector. Yocean Transformer Factory is owned by Yocean (Group) Limited, a Chinese Company based in Kenya.