Geothermal Energy in Kenya has a potential of up 10,000 MW distributed across twenty (20+) prospect areas mainly within the Kenya tertiary rift system as shown in the map below. This department in the ministry is involved in geothermal exploration and development activities as follows:

  • Develop a Strategy for fast tracking geothermal exploration and development in Kenya.
  • Geothermal exploration in the country which includes Geological, Geophysical and Geochemical surveys to establish and rank geothermal prospects.
  • Monitor, Supervise, Support and Report on Geothermal Development in Kenya by Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and government agencies.
  • Develop the Policy on Licensing of Geothermal Greenfields.
  • Negotiation for and issuance of geothermal exploration and production licences.

Geothermal Sites Location Map of Kenya