Energy Cabinet Secretary Hon. Charles Keter presents a trophy to the overall winner of the Energy
Journalism Execellence Award to Mr. David Herbling of Business Daily newspaper.

The Government is working towards ensuring that Kenya attains universal access status to electricity by 2020.
Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Mr. Charles Keter said by next year, 70 percent of Kenyans will receive power in their households following the ambitious energy generation and connection programs undertaken by his Ministry.
Addressing stakeholders of Energy and Petroleum Sector during the Energy Journalism Excellence Award Gala Dinner at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi yesterday, Mr. Keter said the number of people so far connected to power in the last three years surpasses that achieved in the last 50 years.
“Before 2013, we had only 2.2 million households using electricity, the number has increased to 5million today,” said Keter, adding that power generation had also gone up from 1664MW to 2,298MW in the same period.
Mr. Keter said in the course of the current financial year, 6,500 public institutions, including 1,500 market centres and 420 Health Centres will be lit in an effort by the Government to improve lives of Kenyans.
“Electricity is an enabler of the Vision 2030 and we are committed to increasing sources of energy so as to provide all Kenyans with the essential commodity” said Keter.
The Cabinet Secretary challenged Journalists to report objectively on the developments in the energy sector while criticizing it constructively.
The Energy Journalism Excellence Award is an initiative of the Ministry of Energy toward media professional who excel in reporting accurately and objectively on the undertakings of the Energy and Petroleum Sector.