LPG uptake promotion

The main objective of this project is to increase penetration of LPG to low income population in the country. This will be facilitated by purchasing 6kg cylinders as per the Kenyan spec with burners and [...]

Street Lighting

Street lighting is without doubt an energy using product that has been installed in cities for centuries. It contributes to human development by providing and improving human vision at night. Previously, street lighting had been [...]

5000+ MW Power Generation Strategy

The challenges facing the electricity supply sector are mainly inadequate generation capacity arising out of insufficient investment in power generation and its dependence on hydro for 50% of the existing capacity. The sector has had to resort [...]

Last Mile Project

The last mile connectivity project is an initiative by the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and implemented by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company aiming to ensure affordable electricity connections to households [...]

Early Oil Pilot Scheme

The project aims at establishing the technical, logistical infrastructure and other key arrangements crucial for supporting Full Field Development (FFD) of the South Lokichar Sub-Basin. This involves trucking of the crude oil from South Lokichar [...]

Petroleum Exploration and Distribution

Upstream Project/ Programme Objective Expected Output Development of the Mombasa Petroleum Trading Hub Increased up stream petroleum services. Increased oil and gas exploration and exploitation. Construction of new Mombasa – Nairobi New Oil Pipeline [...]

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