Project/ Programme Objective Expected Output
Development of the Mombasa Petroleum Trading Hub Increased up stream petroleum services. Increased oil and gas exploration and exploitation.
Construction of new Mombasa – Nairobi New Oil Pipeline Supply reliability and safety. Modernized pipeline.
Construction of a parallel Oil Pipeline from Sinendet to   Kisumu Supply reliability and Safety Completed Pipeline
Nairobi LPG Storage, Bottling and Distribution Facilities: Promote usage of LPG. Enhanced LPG accessibility and reduced cost.
Lokichar – Lamu Oil Pipeline Project Supply reliability and safety. Modernized pipeline.
Construction of additional storage tanks Supply reliability and safety. Additional Tanks
Installation of a third pump in the Mombasa – Nairobi oil pipeline To improve efficiency of the line Installation of pumps
Expansion of truck loading facilities at Eldoret Depot To improve efficiency at Eldoret Depot. Expanded truck loading facilities
Installation of integrated security system To improve security within KPC facilities Improved security
Expansion of NOCK Market share Expansion of retail network -20 additional retail stations per year

-15% market share by 2018.

Procurement of National Strategic Stocks of petroleum products Stabilized oil industry 1.5 million barrels of bulk petroleum products
Oil Exploration and exploitation. Discover and exploit oil and gas reserves. -exploitation of oil from explored wells.

-10 exploration wells drilled.