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This is one of the departments within the Administration Support Services Directorate which provides professional and technical support services in the information communication technology for the entire ministry. It is headed by Assistant Director of Information Communication Technology who reports to the Principal Secretary. The current head is Elijah Mumbo Assistant Director of ICT.

Vision Statement
To effectively manage information communication technology as a means for delivery of affordable quality energy to all Kenyans.

Mission statement
To provide leadership and high quality customer focused information and communication technology services to facilitate implementation of a sustainable development in the energy sector.

Strategic objectives
To provide technical support relating to acquisition, development, management and other ICT resource decisions in compliance with officially mandated technical standards provided by Information, Communication Technology Authority (ICTA).

Provide technical and operational support for systems and infrastructure including networks, websites, e-mail, databases and ministry-specific applications
Provide user support and training relevant software packages

The Department discharges the following functions:
• Implementation of ICT policies and strategies
• Spear head the implementation of the e-Government strategy
• Management, maintenance and upgrading of ICT systems and infrastructure
• Training of users on ICT applications to prepare them for the desired changes
• Managing of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum website and ICT networks
• Ensuring network security controls
• Maintenance of ICT hardware/equipment
• Diagnosis of faults and repair of faults in computers and related accessories
• Development and monitoring of technical specifications for procurement of ICT goods and services and recommending disposal of unserviceable electronic equipment
• Provide technical support to Departments during the preparations of their respective annual budget

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