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This is one of the Departments under Administrative Support Services Directorate a combination and it is responsible for all matters of the Human Resource Management and Development in the Ministry. It is headed by Director of Human Resource Management and Development who reports to the Principal Secretary and currently that position is held by Mr. Stephen Lusweti.

Mission and Vision: The Department id guided by the overall Vision and Mission of the Ministry and it has two main divisions that enable it discharge its responsibilities. These are:

• Human Resource Management Division - which plays the following roles:
o Providing strategic leadership to the Ministry’s Human Resource Management
o Implementing Human Resource Management policies, rules and regulations
o Advising the ministry on staffing levels and career guidelines
o Staff related issues (promotions, welfare, performance management, discipline and disciplinary procedures, pension claims) and labor relations
o Managing human resource information systems and ensuring safe custody of records
o Budgeting for personnel emoluments
o Succession management and planning
o Processing appointments
This division is further divided into the following sections:
➢ Human Resource Registry
➢ Salaries (Payroll Management)
➢ Separation (exit from service)
➢ Appointments/Recruitment
➢ Complement control
➢ Ministerial Human Resource Management Advisory Secretariat (MHRMAS)

• Human Resource Development Division – that has the following responsibilities:
o Advising on Human Resource Development policies and regulations
o Undertaking Training Needs Analysis
o Conducting and facilitating trainings
o Monitoring and evaluation of training programmes
o Coordinating internship programmes
o Budgeting for training

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