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This department is one of those providing support services in the ministry. It undertakes internal audit services and advises top management on matters of internal audit in the Ministry.

Vision statement: To be a leader in provision of quality Internal Audit Services in the Energy Sector

Mission Statement: To add value to the Ministry operations through a systematic evaluation of risk management, control and governance process.

The Department is headed by Senior Assistant Internal Auditor General ll who reports to the Principal Secretary and the incumbent is Richard Asamba.

• Planning, co-ordination, organisation and management of internal audit services at the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum
• Appraising the economy, efficiency and effectiveness with which finances and other resources are managed and utilised at the Ministry
• Conducting risk based value for money and systems audit aimed at strengthening internal control mechanisms that could have an impact with achievement of the strategic objectives of the Ministry
• Assist the Principal Secretary in establishing Audit Committee in the Ministry and provide secretarial services
• Co-ordination of the Institutional Risk Policy Framework agenda at MOE&P
• Co-ordination of training, development and motivation of staff
• Conduct investigations/ special audits as maybe assigned by the Accounting officer
• Advising the Cabinet Secretary and the Principal Secretary in the emerging issues in Internal Auditing

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