Friday, September 22, 2017

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Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter Addresses Media after Leading a Team of Top Officials from his Ministry and Members of the National Assembly Committee on Energy, Communication and Information to Assess the Water Levels at Masinga and Kamburu Dams. The Water level at the Dams has dropped by eight meters due to the ongoing Dry Spell.

The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum has assured Kenyans that in spite of the drought affecting various parts of the country, there will no power rationing as experienced in the past under the circumstances.

Cabinet Secretary Hon. Charles Keter told Journalists and members of the National Assembly on Energy that his Ministry had put in place mechanisms to ensure that outages were minimized during the dry season.
Hon. Keter said the Ministry had identified various sources of energy to cover the shortfall that may arise from the decreasing water levels at the hydropower generation stations.
“We have enough supply from geothermal and diesel driven power sources to cover what we may lose from the hydropower stations affected by the ongoing dry weather,” said Hon. Keter, adding that the most affected hydropower stations were Masinga and Sondu-Miriu.
Hon. Keter made the remarks when he led a team of top officials from his Ministry, Members of the National Assembly on Energy and a battery of Journalists on a tour of Masinga dam whose water level has dropped by eight meters.
He said his Ministry had made efforts to expand and upgrade the existing transmission power lines in order to evacuate the large amounts of power produced by the geothermal plants.
“Since 2013, power generation has increased by 32 percent while we have expanded transmission lines by 22 percent, enabling 60 percent of the Kenyan households to access electricity,” said Keter.
Responding to questions from Journalists, CS Keter said going by the decrease of hydro-power, Fuel Cost Charges are likely to go up by at least Sh.3 per unit consumed, a fact that may lead to adjustment of the electricity bills slightly upwards.
“We expect the electricity bills to insignificantly rise due to the use of diesel based power generation, but this will come down again in March when we expect to receive rains,” assured Keter.

By Moses Nyandika

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