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Government Urges Striking Oil Transporters To Resume Supply Services

The Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum Hon. Charles Keter has urged striking oil tankers drivers to resume duty as mechanism were being put in place to address. Addressing the drivers at the Kenya Pipeline Depot at Embakasi in Nairobi, Hon. Keter asked petroleum dealers to resume operations as the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) engages [...]

Early Oil Pilot Scheme

The project aims at establishing the technical, logistical infrastructure and other key arrangements crucial for supporting Full Field Development (FFD) of the South Lokichar Sub-Basin. This involves trucking of the crude oil from South Lokichar Sub-Basin using insulated and heated tank-tainers to the Kenya Petroleum Refineries (KPRL) storage facility before export to international markets. To [...]

CS Keter Calls On The Private Sector To Invest In The Energy Sector

Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Hon. Charles Keter has urged both local and international entreprenuers to support Kenya’s program towards universal access to electricity by investing in the country’s fast growing energy sector. “We want to produce 5000MW and ensure universal acces to clean energy services by 2020. Private sector players should come on board [...]

Kenya Needs Experts In Energy Sector

Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Hon. Charles Keter has said Kenya is in shortage of legal experts in Oil and Gas matters. Hon. Keter said the country was also in dire need of oil field and production Engineers support growth in oil exploration and reservoir. “The oil sector is a new development in Kenya and [...]

Energy PS Eng. Joseph Njoroge inducts Mama Teresia Wamboi, 70, on how to switch and off Lights in her House in Tosha Village on the Outskirts of Thika Town.

According to the Energy Principal Secretary Eng. Joseph Njoroge, the Government has mobilized over Ksh. 60billion from Development Partners to supply clean and affordable energy to all Kenyans under the Last Mile Connectivity Program. The aim of this program is to spur socio-economic development and enhance security across the country. Eng. Njoroge disclosed that World [...]


Villagers in various parts of the country are excited with new lease of life that the Last Mile Connectivity Program (LMCP) has brought to the rural areas. Recently, joy greeted the home of Mama Kanono of Marmati ward in Tharaka Constituency when the Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum Hon. Charles Keter entered her house [...]

Petroleum Exploration and Distribution

Upstream Project/ Programme Objective Expected Output Development of the Mombasa Petroleum Trading Hub Increased up stream petroleum services. Increased oil and gas exploration and exploitation. Construction of new Mombasa – Nairobi New Oil Pipeline Supply reliability and safety. Modernized pipeline. Construction of a parallel Oil Pipeline from Sinendet to   Kisumu Supply reliability and [...]

Energy Sources Statistics

S/NO . CATEGORY CAPACITY INSTALLED (MW) Percentage (%) 1. Hydro 820.7 35.12 2. Geothermal 627 26.84 3. Co-generation (Biomass) 28 1.12 4. Wind 25.2 1.09 5. Thermal (Fossil) 816.2 34.93 6. Off-grid 19 0.81 7. Total 2,336.4 100

Consumption of power, petrol (oil&gas)

Quantity and Value of Imports ,Exports and Re-exports of Petroleum Products1 2011-2015   Quantity('000 tonnes)                         Value(Ksh Million) Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015* 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015* IMPORTS Crude petroleum 1,772.10 997 567.4                  ..                  .. 124,041.60 68,086.00 41,037.40                   -                   - Petroleum Fuels 2,235.60 2,803.40 2,985.90 4,400.20 4,481.10 196,648.90 237,699.50 [...]

Peak Demands

Summary of Electricity Sub Sector Statistics S/NO INDICATOR 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 1. Installed Capacity (MW) 1,627 1,690 1,800 2,195 2,333 2,341 2. Effective Generation Capacity (MW) 1,539 1,611 1,723 2,095 2,263 2,270 3. Peak Demand in MW 1,194 1,236 1,354 1,464 1,512 1,586 4. Total Electricity Purchased (GWh) 7,303 7,670 8,087 8,840 [...]

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